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About Vee Mindful

Vee Mindful is a Certified Relationship Coach, Motivational Speaker, Podcast & Radio Show Host, and Published Author. 

She has been coaching for over 15 years and specializes in helping couples and individuals:

  • Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy

  • Heal from Heartbreak and Toxic Relationships;

  • Overcome LONELINESS

  • Find New Love (again)... but a much healthier love.

She is a Dating Expert who fully understands the dynamic of a Masculine Woman who wants to discover her Femininity to attract a healthy relationship with a Masculine Man. 

Her life experiences are her Coaching. She is Divorced with Adult Sons and two Grandsons. She healed herself (and many others) from having a severe Avoidant Attachment Style (that was brought on by being in a toxic marriage) to being much more Secure. She also has helped clients go from having Anxious Attachment Styles to a much more Secure Attachment Style.

She coaches her clients with love, honesty, humor, and empathy. Helping her clients heal from the very thing that almost destroyed them is her greatest strength. 

Our Books

Catch Flights & Feelings (book coming June 2024)

This book is for the person who uses travel as a means of connection with self and others. 


Ladie, Leave Your D*ck At Home

This book/journal is for the Independent Woman who wants to use her Feminine Energy to attract a Masculine man. 

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They Tried. You Won. 

This book is for someone who is healing from Divorce or Relationship heartbreak. It walks them thru the steps needed for their self-healing journey. 

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Where Have We Been?

Passionistas Project

Attracting Love as a Masculine Woman - in today's dating world. 

Alcohol Free Life by Nature and By Choice

Relationships and Sobriety.