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I was married for over 22 years. I've not dated anyone since before online dating.. before I became a Mom and a Career Professional and before I started a Business- To be starting over at 44 is scary. I worked with Vee to:

1) get thru my divorce with my sanity

2) find myself again because I was someone else for over 20 years

3) learn how to date again. Vee helped me tremendously.. and trust me,

if she can help me. then she can help anyone. I have connected with someone who loves the real me, and it's been better than I could imagine! 22 gears is a long time living a life that I no longer recognized. I am glad I'm ME again.

'I started working with Vee 2 yrs ago after I ended a 7-yr relationship/engagement, After working with Vee, I better understand why I stayed in a relationship that kept me so unhappy and miserable. Over the course of these past two years, she and I have talked about self-love/care. We've talked about how I have to learn to put myself first and how to fully understand what I need/desire in a future mate. I'm in a much better place emotionally and mentally now. I look forward to continuing my work with her guidance & encouragement."

Our Clients Have:

  • Drastically increased their dating confidence
  • Attracted real relationships and commitments
  • Become much less stressed with dating
  • Greatly improved their attachment styles and self-sabotaging issues

Now it's YOUR turn.